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Toronto is debating opening an Afrocentric school. There is a lot of opposition. Who would have guessed. From what I have seen there are cries of segregation. This of course ignores both the inherent differences between segregation and seperation (one is where students are forced, and the other is where there is a choice), and that any student can go to the Afrocentric school. The other cries are Canadian taxpayers that don’t want to have to pay for Afrocentric education for anyone.

I truthfully wouldn’t want my tax dollars paying for the fucked up Eurocentric education system where I live. I think that this is a continuation of white being seen as a default, unraced objectivity. When I went through 12 years of primary and secondary education and learned for maybe 4 weeks on average a year about people of color/the Global South/anything  not European or North American in general I doubt I received a balanced view of the world.  And truthfully at this point, where I have control of my education I sort of refuse to take any courses dealing with European or American history unless I know the focus is on people of color. But back to my point.

I truly hope that Toronto doesn’t step down on this Afrocentric school idea. I also hope that black people in Toronto think a bit before they fuck something up that could be good for their children–  who wouldn’t care more about school if they are learning about themselves?