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As this is my blog I get to make my own rules as far as comments. I want this to be a virtual space for me, and all other afronauts and companions to feel safe. So there are some ground rules.

1. If you use a racial, sexual, gendered, ableist, ageist, etc slur, you better have some serious context. I’d advise not using it at all.

2. If Person B calls person A out on their privilege, person A is not allowed to comment back about how they are not privileged, work on their privilege, or didn’t try to use their privilege, etc.

3. No Wite-Magik Attax. Ever.

4. Don’t depend on stereotypes or generalizations for arguments.

5. In fact, try to dialog– not argue.

6. Don’t post comments here that are longer than 500 words, write your own blog at that oint.

7. Keep in mind that context as well as content matter.

I’ll update this as I see fit.

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