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So I’ve realized that a Watson Fellowship isn’t something just anyone has a chance to win. So I’m thinking I might try and get one, deadline is mid-October and I’ll need a proposal and letters of recomendation.

So as of right now I have two thoughts on what I would want to do:

1. An Exploration of Subsaharan African Metropoles– because popular conceptions of Africa leave cities, especially big cities out.

(Bamako, Dar es Salaam, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos)

or 2. Travel to different Anglo Settler Colonies and find out if there is a common thread to how the folks who lived there who weren’t white experience/d life in said colonies.

(Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa).

I need to give it more thought.

One Comment

  1. You’re probably already aware of it, but there’s been some interesting comparisons between Dutch, Spanish, French and English colonization (mostly to contrast the willingness of everyone but the English to intermarry). Definitely an interesting topic and one that both has a lot of resonance and still a lot of new ground to cover academically (at least as far as I can remember).

    Good luck with your application!


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