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I’m getting soft.


I’m having more and more trouble with this trend I’m seeing where some other rad folks of color are dehumanizing some white people by calling them everything from devils, monsters, savages, to various types of animals. This discourse just makes me uncomfortable for several reasons:

  1. Dehumanizing discourses obscure the fact that these are people doing horrible things. I don’t think it helps anyone to divide people, and ignore that these are human beings enacting horrible systems of oppression against other people.
  2. Calling them pigs, dogs, etc furthers a system of speciecism, even if subtly.
  3. Using the term savage for people that are enacting war, genocide, etc seems to me to be incorrect. They are engaging in civilized acts, as we all know civilizied people have been acting around the world for quite a while. “Savage” folk don’t bomb the shit out of Gaza, civilized people do.

The system’s a vampire. We are all human (at varying levels of fucked-upedness).


  1. i couldnt agree with you more

  2. I’m kind of surprised to hear that POCs are not only dehumanizing white people, but calling them “savages.” “Savage” means something like sylvan, but became derogatory in reference to non-whites (Amerindians).

    Of course, there is also Joaquin Phoenix in Earthlings saying that animal exploitation is “barbaric.”

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