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Maybe some people don’t see what is wrong with this commercial, but I, and my friends who saw it the other day, could only laugh at the ridiculousness, and then just wonder why anyone thought this was a good idea.

For those of you who this may not jump out at– look at how babies (and mothers) in need are signified in the commercial. Very colorful I think. And then there is this whole thing with privileged American being signified as White.

As if there are no women of color in the US who could by the pampers, and as if there are no White people around the world who could use some assistance.

In fact– just in case you didn’t get that these were women and children of color from the Global South, they are wearing clothing that easily signifiers their position.

The comments on youtube in response to people that bring up similar things as I just have are responded to with the usual: “You notice race, therefore you are a racist. Followed by: don’t you want to help these children?” Which assumes: a) a critique of a commercial means you don’t want to help, and b) buying pampers is the only way to help. These comments also act like these babies of color were just randomly chosen– which obviously is not true–some serious thought went into how to portray babies in need.


Edit: As some have pointed out there is also the deterministic motherhood thing going on in this commercial.


  1. OMG. Are you sure that wasn’t a Mad TV skit or something?! I’m surprised they didn’t have the kids and their moms doing a native jig, for fuck’s sake.

  2. I know– I was surprised (that I was surprised) that this is an appropriate commercial.

  3. I meant to say thought of as an appropriate commercial

  4. Haha. White privilege and commericals. Hilarious.

  5. The Youtube comments are almost as disgusting as the commercial, I find the same shit when I watch Dead Prez videos, especially Hell Yeah

  6. What adds up to the racism in this commercial is also the ignorance towards the environmental question – which again is linked to oh so many things. The add seems to imply the message: produce waste to help.

    I feel that’s add up to the racist part in a creepy way.

    It seems commercialism gets along best with a certain self-centeredness in the shape of: racism, the exploitation of natural “resources”, and usually (sometimes hidden, sometimes open) speciesism.

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