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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Picky is a word I get called a lot. My mom thinks my veganism is a by-product of pickiness (I was however a picky eater as a child). People call my musical taste picky (or sometimes elitist). I’m said to be very picky about my clothing (which is true).

So I wasn’t surprised when one of my best friends said I was too picky in my preference of romantic partners. See she and I have both been on a de-facto POC only kick as far as sexual and romantic partners. But when I told her that a person I had been into didn’t make the cut, she asked why– after all my former interest is a POC, My explanation that they weren’t radical enough in their thinking for me resulted in me being too picky.

I don’t feel like someone being a POC makes or breaks it for me. Is it too much for me to want to date an anti-racist, anarchist, feminist, vegan who fights systems of oppression who will smoke cigarettes with me and who is willing to listen to punk, hip hop, and electroclash? Maybe it is picky. But I can’t sacrifice my politics for romance.


So I’m out getting some udon at the sushi resturaunt near by, and I see this “Black in America” shit on CNN. My WTFs are answered by my more informed friend, and she tells me its this speial CNN has been doing. Well I meant to watch the special at 8 last night, but missed it because I had more fun things to be doing. Whatever.

Now I’m wondering– who the fuck is watching this? I’m pretty sure I and most other Black people in America already know what its like to be “Black in America.” I’m also pretty sure that anyone who really wanted to know could have read a motherfuckin’ book by now. But thats me assuming that it’s descriptive. Maybe it’s supposed to be prescriptive? But still– I don’t want CNN telling me how to improve Black America. Especially not when they are asking conservative fools like Janks Morton for his advice. But Kiese has that covered already.