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I’m in love with Black Jesus. I’m not a christian, yet I am always looking for an image of a black Jesus with an afro for a halo. I think for me at least Black Jesus is empowering, its counter-hegemonic, its appropriating an image forced on my ancestors, and truly making it a symbol of blackness.

I also get very upset when white folks try to counter the idea of Black Jesus. Jesus sure as hell wasn’t that pale, blonde-haired, blue-eyed messiah I saw in pictures growing up. He, was most likely a Palestinian Jew, a beautiful brown. And I feel like a Black Jesus is more likely than a Nordic one. So FoxNews pissed me off more than usual when I saw this.


  1. I think I’d actually be a Christian if the image of Jesus was popularly black.
    He seems a thousand times more loving and caring.

    I don’t know. Maybe I just have learned to not trust white men due to society today.

  2. oh and!

    i hate fox as well…

  3. I still wouldn’t be a Christian if Jesus was commonly portrayed as Black. I mean if that was the only difference– the religion just isn’t quite for me I think.

    Why would he be more loving and caring just because he’s black?

    And I’ve realized I don’t have an uberhatred for FoxNews. It is just impossible for me to actually have dialogues with viewers. We’re operating in two different discourses and always just talk past each other. I need to learn the rhetoric and framework they use to be able to argue with them.

  4. i dont know. the whole tone of the doctrine would change for me.
    but then again i was never a christian so i’m probably totally biased

  5. But I don’t understand why the doctrine would change just because Jesus was black. The message would be identical.

  6. part of my problem with organized religion, especially organized christianity is the white bullshit that comes with it.

  7. most organized religions have no white bullshit attached other than appropriating hippies and hipsters.

  8. you don’t think over time christianity lost its meaning because of the white politics of the church?

  9. Considering our concept of whiteness didn’t really come about until colonialism– and that Christianity pretty much lost Jesus’s message when Paul started opening his mouth. However I think you are conflating two related but different things.

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