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Apparently torture is just pat of ones duties, at least for those high ups in the military. A major wtf moment this morning as I read that article. The legitimizing of torture is going to open some scary doors, even for US citizens– I predict with the increasing militarization of police forces across the country that eventually torture could be (more?) legitimized for law enforcement. And that’s going to unequally affect people of color, undocumented workers, religious minorities, and activists.

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  1. The FBI has been setting people up to be tortured for decades and that includes generating and planting false evidence, paying ‘informants’, entrapment, giving false testimony and slander campaigns. I was an activist that became a victim of one of their outrageous torture set-up schemes in the early eighties. And, I was tortured.

    Torture has been a consistent tool of government (at least in dominator societies such as our own) since long before we were born and that is not going to change except now that it is considered ‘cool’ by many young people, its frequency will likely increase.

    Also, torture no longer requires ‘captivity’. Laser based psychotronic weaponry is becoming more and more popular and allows victims to be tortured remotely in their homes and/or places or work. The beauty of this to the police state is that it provides perfect ‘plausible deniability’.

    Torture today (and even more so in military plans for future dissident and population control) includes many behavior altering technologies that are applied secretly and remotely and for secret reasons.

    Add this to low intensity warfare practices such as general harassment, credit manipulations and classic stalking techniques… and the international corporate military state has accomplished its perfect (technologically driven, pain compliant) programmable society.

    Now you know a little bit more about how the jokers who wrote the script for 9/11 remain unscathed… everyone knows better than to challenge the man (military/industrial corporate elite) with the keys to the torture chamber, remote or otherwise.

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